Day Fourteen. Does Alcohol Have GMO’s?

Day Fourteen.

One thing I have learned in this journey is you can never trust a label.  Even if the label says it is “organic” you need to be checking the ingredients. I then started wondering what was in my drinks. Did you ever realize alcohol does not list the ingredients anywhere on the bottle? Why is that? I do not really know the answer, but I find it disturbing that beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks, etc…all of them can put whatever they want in the drink and do not have to list the ingredients! Do you feel the same way?

I decided to write a bunch of emails to the different companies of the brands of alcohol I had on hand to ask them what was in their drinks and more specifically if they used genetically modified ingredients.  So far I have heard from 2 companies.  Trader Joes and SKYY Vodka. I am happy to say both of them came back and confirmed they do not use genetically modified ingredients.  Trader Joes confirmed this for all their name brand wine and SKYY Vodka for their straight vodka.

SKYY_Vodka__26601_zoom      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I also have emailed or called other companies questioning what ingredients they use and if they are genetically modified. I have found some companies who market themselves as whole foods, but yet when I called and talked to a representative they said they do use genetically modified ingredients in some of their products. I will be sharing over the next couple of days those companies.

Do you have a company or product you would like me to research for you?

Day Fourteen Food Review:

(click on the links for recipes)


Oatmeal, bananas


Hummus & chips, carrots, avocado, strawberry leather (homemade fruit roll ups)


popcorn, cheese, grapes, apples, gluten free peanut butter cookies


Gluten Free Taco Bowls

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8 thoughts on “Day Fourteen. Does Alcohol Have GMO’s?

  1. Vodka mash is usually made from potatoes or wheat, so the likelihood of it containing GMO are less. However, Bourbon or Whisky is made from corn and would likely be GMO if distilled in the USA. (Results of a quick google search)

  2. Hi…wondering if you know which vodka’s are both Non-GMO & gluten free? I noticed a typo in my last comment so if you could delete it & just post this one?? thanks!! :)

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